Russia Is not The First Country To Protest Western Control Of Global Telecommunications

Since the global community gets increasingly worried about misinformation and information breaches, the Russian government has announced plans to check its sweeping way to solve the issue disconnecting Russia in the worldwide net. Russian President Vladimir Putin has contended that online administration is overly focused at the U.S. which online misinformation campaigns undermine Russia’s national […]

International Roaming Fee Fraud IT Was Involved

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has entered the discussion about excessive global roaming charges by advocating measures which will improve customer awareness and motivate operators to reduce tariffs. We advocate that authorities and regulators research approaches to protect and empower users. Consumers have to have the ability to create their best decisions among the variety […]

5G Networks Threaten The Density Of Airwaves, Jeopardizing Weather Radar

The new 5G system promises to revolutionise telecommunications. But it might also push telecommunications firms on the frequencies utilized from the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather radars, subtly placing the truth of weather information in danger. Subsequently, regional online service providers who now use this frequency band will be transferred into the 5.6GHz group that is […]